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Intelligence Development

Develop children's intelligence potential, improve iq, strengthen memory and ability to concentrate on study, inspire children's potential, overcome children's hyperactivity disorder and bad habit, activate more brain cells and enhance the metablism (Student's age is 5-16 years old).

Master Qi applies interactive training and transfer qi to students during training process to develop students' intelligence.

Experiemtns found, under qigong status, the practitioner generates rich α brain wave. The α brain waves are between 8~13Hz, relating to one's mind status, whether it's calm, peace, relax and happy. Rich α brain waves promote the unified activities of the mind and body, promote the coordinated activities of the left and right brain.

There are two parts in a human's brain, left brain and right brain. The left brain is responsible for language, analysis dnd logical consideration. The right brain is responsible for visual and other sense perception  The right brain also stores the information  inherited from one's ancestors, gathers information acquired in the current generation and will pass down to the next generation. This is very much like a computor. The right brain is like a hard disk and a databsse system, while the left brain is like an application program and the user interface. The ommunication and coordination between the left and right brains are the biological bases of the intelligence. It is  the harmonic communications between the left and right brain, the more activitied cell  of the right brain resulted from the  action of α brain waves that qigong promotes the intelligence development of children.