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Successful Cases

Ms Zhen, from Flushing, NY:

I've been in USA  for about 5 years. Due to work and life stress, I became weak and sick, with symptoms like  disgusting, vomits, hot body, perspiration, pale skin, chest stuffy, palpitation (palpitation quick or is irregular), suddenly  awakes when sleep at night, cannot  sleep when laying flat,  respite in daytime slightly, in addition,  frequently coughs.

After qigong treatment by Master Qi for several times, the above symptoms were relieved. I am so grateful to Master Qi and his effective qigong treatment.

 Ms Men, from New York, NY:

I was weak before, the heart blood supply was insufficient, the legs and waist were sore. After treatment by Master Qi, I felt like reburn. The whole body is so relaxed. After the first treatment, sleeps in the night was very comfortable. The medical ethics and the medical skill of Master Qi are very good, I trust Master Qi, and  believe that I will get complete recovery after the treatment course (10 treatments).

Reports from Karleen Graves clinical lab tests

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