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Qigong Cosmetology

Qigong and acupuncture have become extremely popular as a safe alternative to de-age the face. This non-surgical method has been shown to be effectice in toning facial muscles, improving age-spots,and brightening the face by increasing blood and energy circulation, look younger and refreshed. The most distinctive feature of  Qigong Cosmetology, acupuncture cosmetology is holistic. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, human's physique, skin, hair, the five sense organs, fingernails, are all closely related with the internal organs, channels and collaterals, vitality and blood. Only has the internal factors function healthy and vigorous, can one has the healthy and beautiful face.

This Wellness Center provide qigong cosmetology, acupuncture cosmetology, or combination of qigong, acupuncture cosmetology. Master Qi's sophisticated gigong skill enables the clients to gain the effect beyong the expectation in short period of time.