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Yi Jing Feng Shui

The ancients said: the things that would significant affact one's life are: "fate the first. luck the second, and feng shui the third". Theory and practice of feng shui come from 《Yi Jing 》, for over 5000 years. It has been believed that feng shui is one of the most importent factors that would  have impact on one's life.

The nature of feng shui is to find out harmonic relations between an individual and the environment, such as, person and his house, house and environment, person and work environment, company and environment, company and company, person and person, etc. As a matter of fact, the theory of feng shui is a multidisciplinary subject that involves astronomy, geography, environmental protection, ecosystem, humanities and folk custom. So, it can be said that feng shui is the comprehensive research and application of natural science and social science in finding out the harmonic relation between an individual and environment. The core of feng shui is the "qi" which is determined by the relative position and sequence in time and space of related objects. The "qi" would be changed if environment, objects, furnitures, office desk etc. and ray, sound, name etc were changed. and thus.the feng shui were changed. A person may feel different "qi" in different time and different environment, make different reaction to an issue, this is the relation between a person and feng shui.

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