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The term "Qi" refers to the underlying "energy" in the body, as conceptualized in the ancient medical systems of East Asia. It is the fundamental material of human activities. When the person feels relaxed and comfortable, it will help the blood circulation and achieve the balance of Ying and YangQigong is said to increase one's overall vitality and health by facilitating the free flow of Qi in the body. Great Master Qi has developed mastery of Qi and has trained a lot of students. He can project Qi into others to help patients recover from the imbalance of blood circulation and reach the balance of Ying and Yang. After the treatment to specific points on the body, it will increase the vitality of specific parts and enhance microcirculation to improve beauty and intelligence. In addition, Master Qi provides therapies for many diseases including back, neck, knee and shoulder pain, infertility, allergy, diabetes, digestion, arthritis, depression, hypertension, cancers and other hard-to-treat diseases. Therapies include QiGong therapy, acupuncture, QiGong Detox, anti-aging, Herbs and Tui-Na.
Qigong and Chinese medicine are effective for curing the abovementioned diseases. For example, when cancer cells remain in the body, it is a result of the body’s imbalance environment. Think of a coconut tree. It grows in just the right environment: sunny and warm. But if you dig up the tree and transplant it up north to New York, it will not survive. This concept of growing in the right environment can be applied when treating cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. We use Qigong and natural organic herbs to help change the body’s environment, making it undesirable for cancer cells to survive. We know how to effectively heal the body and eliminate cancer since we know where the cancer comes from and what causes it.
Qigong and acupuncture has become very popular to improve beauty. The most important feature to achieve beauty by Qigong and acupuncture is holistic beauty. Signs of aging will be reduced. According to Chinese medicine theory, face, limb, skin and hair are all closely related to the energy and circulation of blood.  Only when the qi and blood circulate well, people would look young and energetic. Through this non-surgical treatment, the facial muscle was tightened and wrinkle was reduced. As a result, people looked radiant after the treatment. The rehabilitation center provide Qigong, acupuncture, or acupuncture plus Qigong. After the treatment by Great Master Qi, you will achieve the unexpected beauty.

Qigong develops Children’s intellectual potential, improves IQ and memory and enhances the ability to focus. It cures children’s hyperactivity and bad habits, activates brain cells and promotes metabolism (students from 5 to 16 years).
Master Qi uses interactive teaching methods. Qigong will be performed to stimulate the unused brain cells during the teaching. 
It was found that α wave was generated from brain waves when Qigong was performed. The frequency of α wave is in the 8-13Hz range. According to study, α wave is related to calmness and happiness of a person. Additional α wave will stimulate the coordination of left and right brain.
The human brain is composed of right and left hemispheres which are connected with fiber bundles. The left hemisphere is responsible for language, analytical and logical thinking and the right hemisphere is responsible for visual and music experience.  The right hemisphere stores all the information related to ancestors which will be passed on to future generations. During our daily life, the right hemisphere exchange information with the left hemisphere and store new information to pass on to future generations. The human brain is like a computer. The right side is disc and database. The left side is the application and user interface. The coordination and communication of the left and right hemispheres are the foundation of intelligence. By generating more α wave during Qigong, the communication and coordination of left and right hemispheres were improved. More brain cells in the right hemisphere were stimulated to improve intelligence.