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Scucess stories

Years ago, I met old acquaintances Peter Zhou, see his eyes glazed, her face still with a touch of black gas, is wrong, ask him current situation, he said the total could not get past six months God, people tired, feeling not comfortable but can not say what wrong, and his wife are also poor communication, kept the Cold War, and made mental and physical exhaustion ... I asked him: "a big change in home furnishings?" he said: "Yes, there are half a bar, the master You are not to know? to help me! "I said:" I'm going home to see you know. " Newly renovated house, but the existence of a chi, I Made in, find toilets without doors, is blocked off with a veil, and told him: "Look, the bathroom must have a door, and when not must be closed, the air is not dirty drain. "We went into the bedroom, saw a beautiful large mirror opposite the bed, he said his wife ... like I said:" wrong, so the mirror will be placed promote wasted, restless in God, so that life unmentionable disease, by fear, jealous of Health. Feng Shui your home to be changed, otherwise the disaster is approaching, I did not scare you, there, take a look gastroenterology it, you will know what I said. " A week later, he was flustered to come to me and said: The report came out, stomach tumor, a cancer tendency. . . He ask me to help him, so I helped him around the house changed the layout a bit and did a two Dafa, Jiuxing fortune and couples VI. Detoxification and then help him with qigong, acupuncture and open up the blood ..., about a course, he came back told me the tumor is the original 1 / 3, the doctor also strange that no surgery, and view check it, do not know when his wife became a special tenderness, he felt very happy, and special thanks to me, and I for him.

And my other guests Diana, because to us for intestinal cancer treatment Qi's health center, recalled how, I use my unique offerings to her detoxification qigong, acupuncture circulation, it then Herbal Treatment qi, after two courses, has been almost too good, but I found that she always had an anger, which shares my anger passed to keep her off the upright, so that patients will go back to her, so she and I chatted, trying to find the root cause of her, she said that in fact even without special things, she would unfounded, to the bad old would want, she said it was not intentional, but is unable to control. I count, because that is the problem of Feng Shui. She has asked me to look at Feng Shui in the past, she would also like to feel better. Her home in a dead end, alas! Appearance is not "angry", and a door, saw the faint faint white smoke, no! This is the main color of death, I said: "This house can not live, and you either make a law, or to move it." She listened to my proposal to sell the house, re-buy a good feng shui . Her depression was no better social governance, and she is now a special letter of feng shui.