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Anthentic Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") is an ancient Chinese system for balancing all areas of life, including home, family, marriage, children, friendships, business relationships and wealth. Today modern science, through the use of Quantum Physics, validates what the Ancient Chinese feng shui has been practicing for the past 5000 years.

Bad feng shui can cause serious health problems such as sleeping disorders, headaches, weak immune system, auto injuries, poor interpersonal communications, personal problems like divorce, and financial problems such as the inability to retain one's wealth and slow business growth.

There are many individual forms of feng shui that have evolved through various masters. Authentic Qi Feng Shui is very high level and a proven form of feng shui developed by Great Master Qi, wherein he utilizes his unique capability of sensing bad (negative) qi and re-directing it away from an environment. This is a very specific system of highly developed scientific methods and routines that cultivates qi and optimally tunes our mind and body into a balance with our environment.

Proper utilization of Authentic Qi Feng Shui allows proponents to balance the energy in their lives both at home and in their office environment. It will greatly strengthen their physical well being and generally promote an all around feeling of health for the mind, body and spirit. Many people will experience a state of supreme harmony in their lives after experiencing Authentic Qi Feng Shui.

His family Feng Shui dates back more than 500 years (9 generations). Great Master Qi has personally worked with Qi Feng Shui for over 30 years as both an innovator and a practitioner. He has successfully assisted both individuals and businesses in creating a more balanced environment to encourage and improve the health, relationships and the financial growth.

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