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About Master Qi
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About Master Qi

The world renowned QiGong Great Master Qi Fei-Long is the thirty first interitor of Shaolin yizhichang gongfu.In the fields of qigong, gongfu, fengshui and fortunetelling, Master Qi has made great accomplishments. These achievement were well recognized by the peer, and were awarded many diplomas and cerrtificates. Threush years of studies and practice, Master Qi has developed a serious methods and techniques of using qigong for preserving one's health, recovery, beauty, fitness,  and intelligence ievelpment

Master Qi never forgets to server the community. He actively participates in various community social activities, strengthing the connection and understading between the  main stream utstanding persons and the Chinese community in New York, and strengthing the connection with the mother land China.

Master Qi is also an  entrepreneur. Before coming to USA, Master Qi  funded and managed The Feilong Palace of Supreme Harmony For the Nourishment of Life and Culture.  In USA, Master Qi has setup the Qi's Welness Center. Through these service facilities, Master Qi contributes his prefessional achievement to the welness of people.

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