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Shaolin Martial Art

Chinese martial arts set the essence of traditional Chinese culture. The relationship between historical development and geographical distribution, the national martial art derived from the different sects. However, they have different characteristics, and to keep fit, health as the goal. Shaolin martial arts originated in China Songshan in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, "Shaolin Temple", there is also Chinese Buddhism Zen Buddhism in China.

Main contents of Chinese martial arts fighting techniques, fighting techniques, equipment use and use of movement techniques. Which is divided into two areas of theory and practice. Read the boxing records help to understand and absorb the spectrum of previous experience. Moves from the practical application of skills to achieve fitness, qigong, and health and other effects. Martial arts subdivided into internal strength, external work, routines and equipment. The people need to lay the basic martial arts, breathing exercises for a long time, luck method. Internal strength to lay the basis for practice, with body movements, and then practice external work, and enhance the body's tendons, bone, muscle strength, to strengthen the attack, defense power of action.

Homogeneous when the young master of ill health, within the post-trained in the Shaolin martial arts and a good strong physique, after coming out on several occasions to participate in international martial arts competitions, and received numerous awards. Today, the Qi master of Chinese martial arts master, the flexibility to use many types of devices such as the length of swords and guns, and nine three-section cudgel stick device, but also proficient in various quarters such as the Shaolin boxing boxing, Nanquan, bunt, tai chi, Wing Chun, Ba Gua Zhang and so on.

Therefore, martial arts, Qi is absolutely master of a lot of experience to talk about. Qi masters that no matter were sent on weekdays meditation Shifenchongyao, because internal strength of the foundation for future apprentices to continue martial arts, have long-term impact.

After more than thirty years experience in martial arts, Qi master has reached Kudan, profound skill. However, Qi master knows the name to send high-level boxing spectrum, is not easily seen by others, and multi-male transmission. Since the master think they get a number of monks to teach martial arts, martial arts he wanted to promote the development of industry, transferred to grant arms. Therefore, the master created the world's Shaolin Chan Mi Gong, I believe this will promote a wide range of Chinese martial arts, so that China can benefit compatriots and Chinese compatriots to develop personal cultural enrichment and promote international cultural exchanges. Qi master not only the opening and apprentices, and plans to tour for skill demonstration, interested parties are welcome to ask how to get started, or contact related matters.