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One Figure Martial Art

"One finger Zen" as one of the Shaolin seventy-two skills, because of its staunch, very few studies in which people can become extremely mysterious.

Shaolin King Kong one finger, this function all refining a means, a means effort, refining ten to four years, then one refers to escape from roaming hands invincible.

Beginning of training, often after hanging a hammer on the hub, will see a day out, must see to a means of attack. At first, pointing to hammer and hammer does not move, then gradually to shake, and then gradually back venue, to be able to refer vain hammer, one finger out of thin air, though several feet away, hammer also shaking. At this point, one finger has been reported to Make the first step in effort. Then in the broad court among a number of home lighting, in the dead of the night deeper every occasion, one by burning it, people stand lights nijo Department, referring to a virtual point of, at first only light flame shaking, as was the breeze like, the learning of both, only one refers to the light bomb, immediately extinguished. Refers to the non-virtual place, as much as with the fan off a fan, like now, the second step effort has been to Make.

Then the paper lanterns around, like the learning style of lamp to light the paper and not broken off, so the third step effort has been to Make. Then across the glass, to a mean Jimie, and glass were lossless, one finger is already finished. Refining this step, required ten years hard work. Used to refer to people outside do not damage anything, and has internal injuries, such as gently point the point, can also be the blood flow, as some blood, only application of massage, be restored. This move more cinnabar palm, black sand palm, without hostility of other more into one chip.