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Ms Cheng, Flushing, New York:

I came to the United States have five years, as a result of fatigue had a lot of diseases such as: nausea, vomiting, fever, sweating, flushing or pale skin color, his hands shake. Chest tightness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations (fast or irregular heartbeat), the night sleeping in a sudden arousal, sit up and may have to reduce; can not sleep supine; day respite, a little physical activity that is heavier, with frequent cough.

This year the use of qigong masters by Qifei Long after repeated treatment, the symptoms have gradually disappeared, I am very grateful to Qi Qigong masters and the magical effect.

Niuyuemenglin Miss:

I used to physical weakness, cardiac insufficiency, waist and legs ache. Since (2 / 15) met the master of Qi, after Qi master reborn after treatment, the general feeling of the portrait. people are particularly easy. After the first treatment, felt particularly comfortable to sleep that night. Qi master of medical ethics and medical skills are very good, I am particularly convinced. I also believe that, after a course of treatment (10 times), I will certainly return to health.

Eric is my old customers, and I recall the time because he recognized his son's sake, his son plays the skin a good move, do not love learning, often provoke other children, one after another call to the teacher, requiring discipline, he was troubled may not know what to do. Introduced by a friend of his, with his son over the intellectual development of children to participate in class. Day he came with his son because his son did not listen, East West, touch the touch, He's angry, playing the son of ass, ass has not mended his son's name, he suddenly over his stomach, face pain, I and his wife saw right way, immediately lifted him into the consulting room to lie down, give him the implementation of acupuncture, acupuncture side while engaged in small talk, he told me he did not temper the bad with the introduction of the son, the angry every day, a recent angry to stomach a lot and also made up, even the ribs are painful, see a doctor, according to endoscopy, according to the liver and gallbladder, examination fail to see what the reason ... I heard, I know this is a liver and stomach qi stagnation, the situation sluggish, leading to "furious stomach", the liver is wood, a dependent territory of the spleen, liver sluggish, liver restricting g Pitu caused this type of stomach pain, Western medicine is no way to get this disease, but we Chinese medicine the effect of natural therapy is very clear. After the needle bar, his pain has reduced a lot, then I use qigong to help him in Taichong, Kung-sun, and other points Neiguan acupuncture treatment, and then along the costal regions to massage him, he immediately felt warm and comfortable , comfortable. I comforted him, do not take her son to punish their own fault, they will not use their own fault to punish others, to yourself. I gave him some pills and told him to eat papaya, about a course, his good-natured, the stomach does not hurt, he was surprised the people around him change, I explained to them, not simply look grumpy, in fact, liver and spleen problems, and cure of liver, spleen better social, the same, flat state of mind, to keep emotions at ease, we would not have such a stomach problem. His son in my intellectual development of children's learning classes, plus I gave him empowerments blessing, no longer has ADHD, and listen a lot, you can concentrate on learning the. They are very grateful to my ex for their recycling. I said this is along the line of God, back to nature only.