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Shaolin ChanMi Gong

ChanMi Gong is a form of the ancient Chinese system of qi gong. or energy medicine, developed by the Great Master Qi Fei-long, that combines the best of both ChanYuan Gong and ZangM Gong and involves very special techniques for adjusting and directing your breath and enhancing and guiding your energy. It is a system of unique exercises that cultivates the qi while traning the mind. This allows us to build and balance energy while strengthening and promoting well-being at all levels of mind, body and spirit as we enter a state of supreme harmony.

ChanMi Gong has been officially recgnized in China as the most effective way to strengthen and rejuvenate the physical body, develop intelligence and wisdom while increasing longevity.  Science has proven that medical qi gong can promote health and increase longevity. imporve physical functioning , restore one's good health etc. ChanMi Gong takes us to a  higher level!