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Qi Gong Astrology Chinese Medical Martial Art


Medicine that: "form is not correct then the gas flow, gas ring true is intended restless, meaning the gas scattered Restless." "Gas activities constitute the basic material of human life." "Gas surplus is raw, kick the bucket is dead, people born for ourselves entirely in the air. "" Only the body naturally stretch their legs and can help the body's blood circulation, clear inch of the human body is conducive to the regulation of yin and yang balance. "

Qigong "adjustable rate", that breathe, known as the gateway to the ancient. By adjusting the breathing, the mind active absorption under the control of fresh oxygen and a variety of beneficial nature of the subtle body substances (such as negative ions in the air), and rid the body of the aggregate of the exhaust; the other is to mobilize the body of the gas ; training and innate strength of human complement. Consciousness so that gradually through the accumulation, storage in a certain part of the body, or to run through the meridian line, to clear the meridians, qi and blood, to enrich the odd balance of the body infuriating to realize the purpose of strengthening healthy fitness evil. The requirements of the interest rate adjustment is usually complex, deep, long, are, small, and with the transfer form, aligning integration, but also a natural harmony.

Qigong "aligning"; the adjusted exercise the consciousness, so that those who exercise their own thoughts, emotions, consciousness gradually ceased, quiet, quiet down, relaxed and happy in a healthy state of the state, aligning the "three-tone" in the Most importantly, only the heart into one (or mindfulness), or not read (ie no acquired sense of dominance status) in order to mobilize the potential of the body, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other tissue cells each organ was fully relaxed, the body physiological, psychological adjustment given full play; to get the best coordination and harmonization. Health Physical exercise in aligning the main position of repose, and its basis is the "Heart" of Chinese medicine theory. "May God prosper, absences will perish," and only through "divine mad plot, plot aerial spirit" of the training methods, so that the body fine, gas, God filling, balance, talent is the embodiment of health. And physical health, psychological, physical unhealthy, and not healthy people. Sports in traditional health tai chi, qigong, the practice fine angry, meditatively fitness has unique and important role and effectiveness of the past few years numerous facts have proved this point.

Traditional country sports on the human body workout regimen Why the good results? Modern science has proven: the aging human body from the brain first began. When the body into the stretch their legs, one static state, the cerebral cortex as a special rest and changed the nature and direction to turn to functional recovery and improve the degree of ordering of the brain, then slowly reduce the oxygen consumption the body's oxygen storage capacity increased significantly, the brain with sufficient oxygen supply.

Smooth coordination of the brain increased capacity of the system, and also allows synchronization of brain electrical activity, super synchronization, thereby increasing brain RNA and the synthesis of a variety of memory material (such as proteins and peptides, etc.), so that memory is enhanced, while the blood reduction of lactic acid toxins, tension and fatigue phenomena spirit eliminated. It was more than three months of Qigong serum test, serum interferon (Interferon) were significantly increased, confirming the Qigong exercises can improve the body's immune function.

Second, the universe and human nature, as are open, and with the nature of the vitality of life, when the body is loose static state, the human body imbalance, an imbalance will be subject to the vigor of the universe harmonious balance of nature of operation resonance occurs, uncoordinated body imbalance makes improved recovery and regeneration, the disease is eliminated and be healthy, or even some beyond the ordinary features. The mechanism of these effects have not the result of a single, but multidimensional and integrated, including a regular routine daily diet. Traditional health exercise is only one important aspect, it is through traditional exercise in aligning human mental static to date within the physical body - the overall form of production to achieve self-adjusting links.

Experience for medical health, healthy life together depends largely on the master of that state of mind and daily habits. Qi Master recommended that people less angry and less sweet, eat more vegetables, to maintain peace of mind, meditate daily, continuous practice, there is no desire to trouble the trouble, comfortable relief from daily to achieve good health, the effectiveness of health care.