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 Qi Gong is a form of kung fu in which chi energy which is found within the human body (also known as life energy) is manipulated and collected in the Dan Tian or energy elixer, which is located in a humans lowered abdomen. It can then be manipulated to any part of the body to increase that particular section's strength by multiple folds. Like Gary Ugrinovskiy said in his comment above the grand master in this video was increasing his chi energy with every seemingly ridiculous stances and shouts which were actually prayers. He manipulated his chi to reinforce the strength of that dollar to a variable of times stronger than it previously was, and he also used the same principle to move chi into his groin area utilizing a technique which known as "iron body" in the shaolin temple. This Grand Master's Performance is actually quite rare in the sense that only a handful of Qi Gong demonstrations are on video. (From: Gary Ugrinovskiy) Qigong Maters Comments.