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2015 May New Life Expo Demonstration

World renowned Qi Gong Master Qi Feilong who was invited to Harvard Medical school to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy will provide free demonstrations of Qi energy at New Life Expos from May 29 to May 31 in New York.


Master Qi use medical Qigong to detox, rejuvenate your body, improve children’s IQ and learn its self-defense application With Master Qi’s internal healing energy, he can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health. Master Qi has demonstrated his special energy in America’s got talent and all producers love his demo. He has demonstrated in many expos and they were well received. If you need Master Qi’s help or have pain or cancer, please call us at 1 888 528 5287 or 917 701 1689.


Great Master Qi provides holistic therapy for many diseases including back, neck, knee and shoulder pain, allergy, arthritis, cancers, diabe­tes, infertility, Liver, Lung & kidney diseases. He also works with children with hyperactivity and attention deficit.